iBomber is the amazing, arcade styled bombing game based in the
Pacific Ocean during WW2.

You play a young bomber pilot protecting your fleet whilst searching out
key enemy targets on land and sea to destroy!

iBomber will immediately transport you into the thick of the action with multiple
missions offering a great variety of gameplay, excitement and entertainment.

 Get the very best from iBomber

Tip #1
   Pick up health bonuses whenever you can, just touch them to pick them up.

Tip #2
   Choose your bomb pickups wisely for the level your on.

Tip #3
   Check your mission progress at any time by touching the menu switch.

Tip #4
   Avoid enemy flak and tracer fire whenever you can.

Tip #5
   Can't find the enemy?
   Use your rader to pinpoint the enemy position in the level.

Tip #6
   Once you've completed a level, try replaying it to see
   if you can earn all the medals for that level.

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