The legendary iBomber Returns on land.

Having bombed and defended so well, get ready to attack, get ready for the Attack.

iBomber Attack takes the exciting world of iBomber in an all-new action packed direction.

 Get the very best from iBomber Attack

Tip #1
   Remember to use your Victory Points to upgrade your Tank.

Tip #2
   Try Bombs, Rockets, Minigun, etc. in your Support Slots.

Tip #3
   If you can, remember about the Secondary Objectives on each level.

Tip #4
   Try to hit enemy fuel or ammo piles, these will explode if hit and help
   destroy the enemy.

Tip #5
   If your Health gets zapped, you can pick up Health as the enemy leaves
   it lying around!

Tip #6
   Try to find all the enemy intel., it's hidden in every level. Collecting it will
   earn you an extra life.

Tip #7
   Gold, is great but it also helps you buy weapons for your Support Slots.

Tip #8
   The compass directs you to your main objective points but is also your
   game pause button.

Tip #9
   Try to unlock all 13 Game Center Achievements.

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