iBomber Defense combines classic tower defense gameplay with the intense
action, strategy and look of the iBomber world.

Battling across North Africa, Europe and Russia you must withstand repeated
enemy attacks and plan your defenses for a successful campaign.

Position your defences and prepare for enemy attack!

 Get the very best from iBomber Defense

Tip #1
   Use your upgrades - An upgraded turret can be more
   effective than two basic turrets.

Tip #2
   Turrets can be placed and upgraded while the game is

Tip #3
   Weapons within range of a Comms turret will receive a
   range and power boost.

Tip #4
   The Sabotage turret slows down enemy units, allowing
   your guns to inflict more damage.

Tip #5
   Placing turrets on high ground increases their range.

Tip #6
   Make sure your turrets are always repaired. If the enemy
   destroys a turret you will have to pay to be able to use
   that space again.

Tip #7
   Turrets placed close to your base can cover more routes.

Tip #8
   Don't place Cannons early as their slow rate of fire
   makes them weak against faster opponents.

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